We are very good at what we do!

Collaboration has changed the way we work. Small specialized teams handling different aspects of the project make more sense than handling everything ourselves. We are very good at the services we offer, and all our work is handled by our inhouse team. Our project managers will ensure that your work gets done quicker, better, and cheaper.
Our office works 7 days a week, and works across 3 time zones, so we are available for clients all over the world. We are very comfortable with whichever collaboration tools you use, and we will integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

7 Processes, presence in 4 countries, millions of dollars in revenue for clients

We’ve worked with over 3200 clients in the last 12 years.

  • We’ve worked with over 3200 clients in the last 12 years.
  • Our clients are spread across all 6 continents.
  • We’ve helped generate upwards of $200 Million for clients.
  • We process several million data records every day.
  • Our staff attrition rate is under 2%.
  • All of our current large clients have been with us for atleast 4-5 years.
  • 100% of our staff are equipped to work-from-home if need be.

Do few things, do them well.

We are very serious about the image you portray to your clients. Staff we assign to your process are not used for other clients for the duration of the project. We try and understand the full scope of work being offered and then our part in it. We are very committed to timelines and pride ourselves on delivery ahead of deadline.

All our contracts are covered by strict non-disclosure agreements, and all your project specifications are held in highest confidence. We communicate well with your team, and all our staff are comfortable with English

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We like to listen. Tell us your expectations and we will tailor a process to suit your requirements.

Services we Specialize in

Data Processing

We handle millions of data points for clients, affiliates, call centers, and vendors everyday. Sales floors, advertisers, and a variety of clients use our services.

Lead Generation

Whether you use email, sms, social media, content marketing, call centers, or organic traffic, we can take care of lead generation for your company.

Search Engine Optimization

Content writing, competitive keyword traffic acquisition, research, deep linking, analytics, reporting, we are at the cutting edge of SEO

Business Optimization

Lets get you lean. Allow us to delve into your business and identify friction points and bottlenecks. We’ll help you leap over your competition.

Brand & Strategy

From creating an identity online to maintaining it, building it, harnessing trends, social media, acquiring traffic, and profitability analytics, we do it all.

E-Commerce Fulfilment

Whether you intend to use a platform based e-commerce site builder or you intend to build one ground up, we are good with the whole gamut of services.

Meet our founders

A team capable of REVOLUTIONIZING your business!

Surya Kiran Ganti

Operations & Technology Specialist

Cost accountant, fitness freak, serial entrepreneur, always ready for an adventure

Aditya Kandarpa

Chief Strategist

Management graduate, serial entrepreneur, bookworm, loves to travel and drink coffee

Suresh Pallem

Admin & Human Resources

Quadruple Post graduate, Swiss army knife, number-cruncher, red-tape remover, perennially hungry

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